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Spring is always around the corner, which means you could be getting ready for some major cleanup projects soon. If so, you could need junk removal in Kannapolis, and here are some reasons why you should let us help you with this. For Spring cleaning, Dumpster Rental Kannapolis NC is providing the perfect dumpsters so call us at 704-529-9123 at anytime.

Saves Time

Hauling off your old junk could take a great deal of time, especially if you have accumulated quite a bit of stuff over the years. When you allow us to haul off your junk for you, it will get removed quickly so that you can go on doing other important things.

Ethical Disposal

We always make sure everything we pick up is disposed of properly so there are no adverse affects on the environment. What’s more, we know what is safe to dispose of and where, so you won’t have to worry about whether you are in compliance with the law. We’ll also recycle whenever possible to keep unwanted debris out of local landfills.

No Need to Rent Equipment

You could need to rent a truck or dolly to help you move some of your old junk. There won’t be a need to do that when you allow us to get rid of your junk, because we have all the equipment that’s required. As a result, you won’t have to worry about racing back to the store with your equipment in order to avoid penalties for missing a deadline.

Save your Back

Moving many heavy items can be rough on your back. Avoid injuries that could render you unable to work by allowing our team of professionals to do all the lifting and carrying for you.

Once you have your old junk removed, you’ll feel better, and could be inspired to take on a few new home improvement projects as a result. Get started today sprucing up your property- contact us to find out more about our roll off dumpsters.

Spring cleaning dumpster

Dumpster Rental Kannapolis NC, hear a lot about green living and sustainability these days, partly because the lingering recession continues to leave many American families strapped and looking for ways to live more economically while generating less household waste. Luckily for most families, you don’t have to be able to afford a brand-new Prius in order to go green.

The zero-waste lifestyle can begin in your very own kitchen by following a few easy tips:

Invest in reusable containers and skip the baggies

Most people these days have such busy lifestyles that sandwiches for school or the office lunch hour are hastily prepared and stuffed in a plastic baggie before heading out the door in the morning. Instead of using a throwaway plastic bag, keep reusable plastic containers on hand to eliminate waste.

Plastic containers are now available in so many different shapes and sizes that you’re sure to find one that can be used to take virtually any lunch to work or school. Among them are the snazzy bento boxes and bento-inspired compartment lunch boxes that are shaped like regular lunch boxes but keep small portions separate.

Compost kitchen scraps

The small amount that you invest in a backyard compost bin could save you tons on fertilizer and potting soil each planting season. Whether your gardening passion is for flowers, shrubs or vegetables, you’re always better off reusing those kitchen scraps than putting them in the trash.

What exactly can you compost? Just about anything that came from a plant. Banana peels, apple cores, all manner of vegetable scraps and even your used coffee grounds. Just toss ‘em on the heap, filter and all!

Even before you compost, make vegetable broth from your kitchen scraps. Those recipes that instruct you to make broth out of whole onions and other vegetables are all well and good, but wouldn’t you love to be able to make broth without paying extra and, in effect, getting something have nothing

Well, you can! Onion peels, shreds from peeled carrots and the fibrous stems from kale and collard greens are all great fodder for vegetable broth. You’ll want to collect them and keep them in a container in your freezer for best results.

On a quiet Sunday afternoon, or whenever else you have time, add 4-5 cups of veggie scraps to 10-12 cups of water in a stock pot, throw in a few fresh or dried herbs, bring to a boil and then simmer for up to two hours. Run the fresh broth through a strainer, add salt to taste and now your veggie scraps are ready to be composted.

Small changes you make in your garden can make a big difference in terms of both the environment and your wallet. For more information on zero waste living in Kannapolis, contact us.

Limit cardboard waste

Cardboard accounts for a huge percentage of household waste, which is why it makes good sense to try to recycle it. When it comes to cardboard recycling in Chester County, not all of it can be recycled. Here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to cardboard recycling that will help you determine what to do with it.

Corrugated cardboard is “heavier” cardboard that is characterized by “layers” that may have a wavy texture to them. Corrugated cardboard can normally always be recycled with a few exceptions. If the cardboard contains grease stains, a waxy coating, or has been soaked with moisture, it will usually be acceptable for recycling.

Cardboard tubes can easily be recycled. Tubes from toilet paper, paper towels and wrapping paper can add up to quite a bit of waste in a year’s time, which is why you should consider recycling them instead of throwing them away.

Paperboard is commonly used to make food packaging, and may or may not be recyclable. When it is used to make juice or milk containers, it may be subsequently coated with a protective resin to keep it from falling apart when wet.

This resin will effectively make the paperboard unsuitable for recycling. Likewise, if the paperboard contains a waxy covering, you will also be unable to recycle it. Much of the paperboard you generate can be recycled; however, many recycling centers prefer that you separate it from your cardboard when bringing it in.

Even when cardboard or paperboard cannot be recycled, you can still reuse it in other ways. Place it in flowerbeds to prevent weed growth, or shred it and add to a compost bin. For even more ideas on how to recycle cardboard, contact us.

Businesses and Municipalities have found that recycling programs offer multiple benefits. Reducing the amount of waste materials that need to be collected, transported and disposed of results in significant cost savings. Recycling also lowers the burden on landfills and reduces the need for new raw materials.